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Satori GrowMandala SatoriMiracle Grow Organic Choice, blood & bone meal, dolomite lime, perlite.Flowered under a single 400W HPS lamp in a cool-tube. IndoorOther

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Satori Grow
From Grow: Satori Grow
Posted by: M4N14C42O on 02-03-2008 @ 07:16 pm

5 Comment(s) on this entry

OK, to start out let me say welcome and thank you for stopping by to check this out! This grow has been done for a little while now and am just waiting on a few things before I get the next one up and running. So this one will go quick and mostly just be pictures of the single Satori girl survivor in late flowering.

When this grow started out I made all sorts of newbie mistakes (horrible, cheap soil, over and under watering, couple others im sure). But to make a long story short nothing really worked out. I ended up with 1 S. African Durban Poison X Skunk #1 female and 1 Satori female. This grow will have 1-2 pics of the SADPxS1 buds. But mostly will be of the Satori.

Flowering cab - 3ft x 3ft x 5ft
Light - 400W HPS in cool-tube for flowering
         - CFL's for seedling and veg
In 2gal soil pots
Watered with distilled water pH'd at 6.5 ish
Fox Farm Grow Big and Tiger Bloom
Blood & Bone meal
Well that should give you an idea so here come the pics!

Satori just shy of 8wks flowering

Satori just shy of 8wks flowering

S. African Durban Poison X Skunk #1 Curing

Satori top half at exactly 8wks flowering

Same as above just a closer look

Couple of quick-dried Satori tasters at 8wks flowering

Satori at 9wks flowering

Satori 9wks flowering

More Satori tasters at 9wks

Satori Chopped at 10wks flowering

Satori top colas trimmed

Roughly 1g of scissor hash

The rest are just random pics of the Satori buds drying and curing

Well that concludes that journal. I know it was short, but atleast there are some OK pics! Ill be starting up another grow in 2-3wks and ill also start a new journal for that. When that journal opens ill have more pics to show the cab setup and seed and veg setup along with more info on my techniques. Enjoy the pics and i'll be in touch!

- 42o -

Last updated on 02-03-2008 @ 07:45 pm

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