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"What is Your Favorite Way to Ingest Cannabis?" | Login/Create an Account | 3 comments
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Re: What is Your Favorite Way to Ingest Cannabis? (Score: 0)
by ehxen on Monday, July 21 @ 22:40:33 CEST
(User Info | Send a Message)

d.i.y. reevee
you will need:
glass or metal stem and bowl
gatorade or basically any plastic bottle. (the one liter gatorade bottles work well, they can hold alot and have a wide mouth and cap)
a sink or drain and running water

My friend Colfax showed me a "reverse". Take a stem and bowl, put it through the cap of a gatorade (or sobe, if you wanna get fancy) and create a tight seal. Then burn a hole at the bottom of the gatorade bottle, on the side. The hole should be a little bigger than your average stick pen. Load your herbal remedy in the cap and set to the side. Plug the hole in the bottle with your finger, then fill with cold water (you can use any temp water, but cold water will cool the smoke a little bit, thus making it a little less harsh). Put the cap on, light the bowl, and let the water drain out. The bottle will fill with smoke. When it has finished draining (or the product burns away) remove the cap and suck it in!

don't load too much. twice burnt reevee's never taste good
it will be harsh. prepare to cough.
if you make it with a sobe bottle, it'll last alot longer and you can put it in the dishwasher. to make it with a sobe, you need a glass drill or steady enough hand to punch a hole through glass. there is a lip towards the bottom that if you hit it just right will bust through perfectly. I use a hammer and phillips screwdriver.
keep it in the freezer, and take it out right when your filling it. it will make it smell less and go even furthur to cool down the hit.

good luck

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