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Cannabis Smoking Tips

The following comes from a free handout found in most Amsterdam Coffeeshops.

1. There are many reasons to smoke hashish and marijuana, such as to have a good time or to release your creative energies or for meditation. But don’t expect a joint to solve any problems for you.

2. If you smoke hashish or marijuana everyday, try to skip a couple of days now and then. It’s not only healthier to take a break, but it lowers your tolerance so you can again get high on just a few hits.

3. Smoking hashish or marijuana affects your ability to concentrate, so don’t smoke them at school, at work or when you are driving a car.

4. Some kinds of hashish or marijuana are stronger than others; they have a higher THC level. An experienced smoker senses when he has had enough. He knows it is time to stop. But if you are a new smoker, you don’t know when to stop. So it is important to get some reliable information first about what you’re are buying.

5. If you aren’t experienced, it is not a good idea to combine smoking with drinking any kind of alcoholic beverages. Alcohol can also suppress some of the more subtle effects of cannabis and turn a high into a downer.

6. When you have space cake, it is difficult to know how much cannabis you are eating. Before you know it, you will have too much. So start with a small piece. It can take anywhere from forty-five minutes to an hour and a half before you feel anything. Wait for it to take effect before you have another piece, otherwise you are sure to overdo it.

7. Sometimes smoking hashish or marijuana might not agree with you. It can lead to nausea or anxiety. Find a quiet place to relax, and eat or drink something sweet. Do not panic. In an hour, the worst of it will be over. Taking a megadose of B complex vitamins can help you come down faster.

8. If you are taking any kind of medication, consult a doctor before you smoke hashish or marijuana. Never smoke them if you are pregnant. If you are feeling ill you should not smoke.

9. When you smoke hashish or marijuana, substances (tar and carbon monoxide) are released that are harmful to your health. Using a water pipe or bong greatly reduces the tar content of smoke.

10. Be aware that if you smoke cannabis mixed with tobacco, you are also smoking tobacco. Nicotine is addictive. If you are handed a joint, always ask if it contains tobacco before smoking it. To avoid catching a cold or other infection, it’s always a good idea to smoke your own joint or pipe. Passing a joint seems cool, but might be unwise.

11. Do not buy hashish or marijuana on the street. Look for a good coffeeshop.

12. Do not take any hashish or marijuana with you when you go abroad.

13. Respect the herb, it’s a gift to mankind. Respect yourself and don’t overdo it!

Thanks to Henk de Vries, the original author.
Added tips by Primo.

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Published on: 2008-01-29 (6126 reads)

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