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Marijuana Beginners FAQ

As written by the members of the Marijuana Forums @ HipForums.com

Gram Conversions

1 ounce = 28 grams
1 "half" = 14 grams
1 "quarter” = 7 grams
1 "eighth" = 3.5 grams

A gram is enough for 2-5 joints, or 4-8 bowl-packs, depending on the size of the joint/bowl.

How to Clean Out your Piece


- Isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol

- Salt

- Paperclip

- Sink

Mix some salt into the rubbing alcohol (the amount isn’t a big deal, just put in however much you think makes sense). Pour this mixture into your piece, and shake for a few minutes. Then, let it sit with the solution still inside. After a few more minutes, pour this out. Unbend the paperclip and scrape out any remaining resin. All of this is done over a sink, of course.

How to smoke in your room and not get caught


- Spoof

(How to make a spoof - Wait till a roll of toilet paper runs out, grab it, go down to the laundry room and grab seven or eight dryer sheets, rubber band one of them on the top so it covers the hole, then crumple the rest up and push them against the covered hole in the toilet paper roll. You blow the smoke into the non-covered hole, and it comes out smelling like fresh laundry =D.)

- Incense or a scented candle

- Another candle

- Lighter

- Towel or shirt

- Air sanitizer (ozium) or deodorant spray (axe)

- Fan to blow smoke out of a window (optional)

- Common sense

A bowl or bong is much preferred over joints because joints and blunts let large amounts of smoke escape into the air.

Lock the door. Put the towel down against the gap between the door and the floor to prevent smoke from getting out. This isn’t always necessary, depending on where you’ll be smoking in relation to the door. Have all your supplies with you so you won’t have to make several trips and arouse suspicion.

Light the incense or scented candle. This is not necessary, as you can eliminate most of the smell with other techniques, and even a bad idea if your parents are suspicious of your smoking.

Light the second candle. This candle will be used as a flame supply. Instead of using the noisy flint on disposable lighters to light the lighter and causing suspicion, push the butane release (red button) and hold the lighter up to the flame to light it. If you have a fan blowing out your window, make sure to turn it on now.

Commence the combustion of the plant matter. After you take your hit, quickly put your palm (or flat object such as a rectangular lighter or a quarter) over the bowl (packing only half a bowl should keep you from burning yourself). This will put out the ember and keep any smoke from escaping (take a small hit after it goes out to clear any leftover smoke). If you need to cough, do so into a towel or pillow to muffle the sound.

Exhale into the spoof. Don’t forget!! This is probably the single most effective way to reduce the smell.

Repeat until you are high.

Spray. Ozium is much more effective than something like axe because it actually gets rid of the smell, rather than just masking it like spray on deodorants. Don’t go overboard with this, just a quick one to two second shot is all you need. If you used a towel, you can wave this around to spread the spray around the room. Empty the bowl either out the window or down the sink.

Enjoy the rest of your night!



Don’t blow into the pipe/bong.

Don’t drink the bong water.

Don’t smoke with people you don’t like.

Don’t bring it to school.

Don’t drive while high.

Don’t trust dealers you don’t know.

Don’t consent to any search.

Don’t lie to a cop.

Don’t act like you know when you don’t.


Inhale into your lungs, not just your mouth.

Hold your hit for as long as you can.

If you are passed a lighter along with the pipe, pass it along when you pass the pipe.

Use eye drops (Visine, Cleareyes, or, my personal favorite, Rhoto V)

Deseed and destem your stash.


Smoke bowls/bongs more often than joints/blunts (more economical).

Enjoy yourself.

Where to Stash your Stash

- Below the bottom drawer of a dresser/desk.

- In your car (if you have one).

- In your backpack (it’s usually with you).

- In a hollowed-out book.

- Inside the expansion bay of a PS2.

- In a random bag/pocket in your closet. Just keep tabs on the smell.

- In a bag or box under your bed or mattress.

- In a movie or videogame case.

- Beneath a bush outside if you’re really paranoid.

- For concerts, joints in wallet/behind ear, bowls in shoes.

- Use your imagination!

The Non-Definitive List of Stoner Terms

April 20th (4/20) - International Cannabis Day, everyone blazes on this day. Everyone blazes at 4:20 every day too.

Blaze- To get high!

Blunt – Either a hollowed out cigar filled with cannabis or (more commonly) a “marijuana cigarette” rolled with a blunt wrap (tobacco paper).

Bowl – Can refer either to the part of a piece that holds cannabis, or to the pipe itself.

Bogart – The act of holding on to a joint/piece/blunt for too long, or one who does such an act. Don’t bogart that joint my friend, pass it over to me.

Boo - A street name for marijuana, listed only in anti-drug literature. No one has ever heard or used it. If you are ever arrested for possession, you should use this term, saving the taxpayers the expense of correcting and reprinting anti-pot pamphlets.

Carb – The hole on the side of a piece used to regulate air flow. Hold it closed with your thumb while inhaling to draw smoke into the chamber, then release to let air in and force the smoke into your lungs. Also called a “rush hole”.

Cherry - The red burning coal of marijuana in a joint or bowl.

Chillum - A pipe with the bowl in line with the stem.

Doobie – Just another word for a joint.

Ganja - A synonym for marijuana.

Hashish (Hash) - The resin secreted by a marijuana plant. Different kinds of hash are prepared with a variety of recipes.

Hash oil - A liquid extracted from marijuana. Use mostly by dipping smokeables into the hash oil.

Hit - A drag or puff of cannabis.

Hot Box (White wall) - Getting high in a car or small space with no ventilation so that you are constantly inhaling atmospheric smoke.

Joint – Marijuana cigarette.

Kind Bud (chronic, hydro, sticky icky, highs) – High potency Cannabis.

Mids - Descent cannabis for the money you pay for it, if you don’t have a lot of money this is the best way to go.

Moocher – Someone who will smoke your bud in a second, but never has any of their own.

Papers – Cigarette papers used for rolling joints.

Piece – Refers to a pipe of one sort or another.

Resin – Black tar like stuff that builds up in smoking apparatuses.

Schwag – Low grade cannabis.

How to Make “Cannabutter”


1/8-1/4 ounce cannabis (leftover stems too if you want)

1 stick butter
1 Tablespoon water
1 Pan
1 Thermometer
1 Metal Strainer or Cheesecloth

1. Grind up cannabis as finely as possible.

2. Add butter and water to pan and simmer on low until the butter is melted.

3. Add cannabis to water.

4. Simmer for one hour while making sure the mixture stays below 180° F.

5. Strain plant matter from butter with cheese cloth or metal strainer.

Yields approximately 1 cup of cannabutter.

Mike E
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