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MJ News: Marijuana Reality TV Show Seeks ParticipantsTopic: Medical Marijuana
Contributed by skip on Sunday, April 13 @ 16:33:00 UTC

Do you have interest in the general area of marijuana, especially based around the major new openness in the industry following California's medical cannabis laws? Hollywood production crew seeks individuals interested in furthering their knowledge by attending part-time classes at the well-known Oaksterdam University in Oakland and exploring study, work, and vocation within the world of cannabis growing, dispensing, and medical services. We are searching for individuals from all walks of life with an interest in this subject matter and a relative comfortability being on camera and being recognized in public. All we need from you is passion and honesty. Participants in the program will receive free school tuition, nice housing, money for living expenses, and per diems. If interested, please respond via email with some basic information on yourself, contact information, your relationship, if any, to the subject matter, preferably a photo of yourself, and your willingness to be on camera. We will be setting up local interviews for those interested. This is going to be a lot of fun. Thanks.Reply to: info@upshotmanagement.com
Source: Craigslist

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Re: Marijuana Reality TV Show Seeks Participants (Score: 0)
by anonymous on Tuesday, April 22 @ 22:53:33 UTC
(User Info )
Fate. Thats all i gotta say. This was posted for me.

Re: Marijuana Reality TV Show Seeks Participants (Score: 0)
by btydkirtley on Wednesday, March 04 @ 20:15:59 UTC
(User Info )
ive been smokin pot since i was little freshman in high school,  ive starred in the first two high school plays ive tried out for,  know my ins and outs of the grass community, i love the camera and the spot light, though sometimes i am kinda a drama king im still a pretty chill guy looking for a fun adventure. please pick me!!!!!!!!!!!10ckirtley@casciahall.org

Re: Marijuana Reality TV Show Seeks Participants (Score: 0)
by fylthevoyd on Sunday, April 19 @ 15:10:15 UTC
(User Info )
Hey Skip...is this really legit????? I know about the Oaksterdam University....and things like this always sound too good to be true.Any way my submission has been made...we'll see thanx for the post to inform.

Re: Marijuana Reality TV Show Seeks Participants (Score: 0)
by anonymous on Thursday, April 23 @ 16:01:43 UTC
(User Info )
you guys WISH. EVERYBODY thinks that they are the biggest pothead with the most info. Not to mention, i doubt your charisma is as powerful as you wish it was.

Re: Marijuana Reality TV Show Seeks Participants (Score: 0)
by snowsurf on Sunday, May 31 @ 20:01:27 UTC
(User Info )
I would love to be part of this and will be sending email tonite. I have a dream to someday work in a legal marijuana business as a grower or dispensary doing my part to end the war on freedom and provide quality Organic herb for those who seek it.