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Re: California Upholds Proposition 215, Strikes Down SB 420 Possession Amounts!!! (Score: 0)
by anonymous on Friday, July 08 @ 23:55:49 UTC
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I don't need someone who doesn't have it all together telling me what they don't know, when I do.  I don't give up myself to anyone to tell me about what is good or not good for me; I have better judgment than that.   I may have been born in this country but that does not give it the right to make my choices.  The laws that exist were here before I came into the world.  I have had no say in their creation.  Citizens have no idea who runs the government.  The people sure don't.  The agencies that control the police, and today it is the National Security Agency with the Pentagon as the master puppeteer.  The Military Reserve Corps.  control the work force, have the best jobs and are in every social assembly and are encouraged to do so.  The military by in large dominate political office, and high bureaucratic authority positions and still militarily active.  There is not one authority that is not subject to the military in the USA.  The US Pentagon has the authority to conduct any experiment it wishes on the public and there are articles that enforce it.  It can withhold truth and provide information contrary to the truth to the public.  There is no crime that will not be used to procure its advancement and security.  Politics have become propaganda to hide crimes against humanity and to justify crimes in the minds of the people.  The mass media is censored and is used to control a collage of thought, the limited amount of the brain utilized; never giving any consciousness to the thoughts a citizen is forced to pass back and forth for communication and social interaction.  History is falsely written by the greatest power at hand and that government is never wrong or guilty of any crime called upon the enemy.  Psychology has shown exactly the abuse of common sense and the destruction of human instinct. (That information which tells an individual what is wrong and what is right and what action to take place systemically and autonomic.)  Gods are given humanity to explain actions they themselves bring into being and not wanted to utilize as a servant to the beast that is created through the abuse and delegation of authority.  The very principles of Physics, Mathematics and their constants are not represented as they exist to bring about this presence allowed understood by the public.  The very origin of life in every entity is the self-awareness of finite infinity and consciousness through differentiation.   This even is the explanation of telekinesis (what religion call miracles.)   Since there exist a meaning called GOD I will here use it and here is my statement.  I Profess..  I am aware of the knowledge, ownership and possession of what I know as God.  I defy government, religion, science and atheism.  I understand life the self-awareness of a whole finite infinity and call it the Id.  By my personal possession, I behold the existence of dimensions and it's unfolding of time.  Extenuating cir*****stances, here related to you the reader and listener are from experiences no human being or any species should have had to suffer to convey to you this simple knowledge and benevolent truth.  Everything is this world in its right way is beneficial and some more than others.  There should exist no laws to neither keep them from you nor hide these truths from you.   Behold mankind has become as one of US, knowing good and evil, perhaps humankind will take hold the tree of life and live forever..  In this abundance of love; GOD Love You' and All the Angels'Lee ki4jup..