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Grower Report: Querkle
Posted By: subcool
Views: 42243

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Grow Info

Grow Location: Indoor
Medium: Organic Soil
Sea of Green? Yes
Lighting & Wattage: 2000 HPS
Fertilizing Method: Dry additives to soil
Pruning or Plant Style: Topped
Stature: Stocky Indica with lots of side branching
Flowering Time: 56 days
Odor: Sour Grape Candy

Grow Results:

Average Height: Short
Yield Per Plant: 3 ounces
Taste Description: Grape Skittles
Buzz Description: Nice comfy night time indica
Appearance: Purple and Orange Buds

Querkle Info

Breeder: TGA
Seed Source: www.hempdepot.ca
Genotype: Mostly Indica

Querkle Ratings
Based on this grow

Ease of Growing: 9
Yield: 7
Taste: 9
Buzz: 8
Overall Rating: 8
Grow Notes:

Purple Urkle(Clone Only) X Space Queen( BCGA)

This Indica dominant hybrid has a great taste and out of a 5 plant test run all 4 females turned a nice shade of purple with warm temps throughout. Our goal was to recreate the nice grape flavor but ad some speed to the slow Urkle mom and the results are better than we expected and finding 2 keeper moms from the very small test run we did. Results from the field verify mild variation, good yields and fantastic flavor and colors.

1) Phenotypes –Two main females one Short and very purple with grape flavors, the variation is a slightly more SQ dom with a taller frame and more sativa buzz.
2) Height-  Short and dence does well un topped but faster than Urkle.
3) Yield-Medium to heavy if extended veg time is given mainly due to bud density.
4) Indoor has only been tested so far
5) Best way to grow-Vegged to a large bush Or untopped in scrog.
6) Harvest Window-8 weeks
7) Sativa/Indica 20/80
 8) Hybrid- Urkle x Space Queen
  9) High type- Indica head and grape taste make it total all day headstash.
10) Smells Grapes, fruit, berries, musty
11) One of my favorite things to smoke out of a clean bong the flavor is just amazing and IMO better than Mom.

Strain Picture: