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Re: What do you think about this site? (Score: 0)
by Billy on Sunday, January 27 @ 07:01:28 UTC
(User Info )

i think that this place needs a photo albulm that shows all the kinds of weed then i would love it!

Re: What do you think about this site? (Score: 0)
by McLeodGanja on Sunday, February 24 @ 07:34:39 UTC
(User Info )

It is looking pretty good so far, well done guys.

Re: What do you think about this site? (Score: 0)
by Mr. biss on Wednesday, July 09 @ 02:39:23 UTC
(User Info )

how long do we have to wait to get in, seems like forever?

Re: What do you think about this site? (Score: 0)
by in the woods on Wednesday, January 12 @ 01:16:46 UTC
(User Info )

i think the site is great it  gives people a chance to say what they feel about pot . and thairs nothing wrong with smokeing a good joint i like it for the high and the pain releaf it gives me i tend not to use as many pain pills the doc gives me witch is good the less pills the better