Durban Poison
Durban Poison - Outdoor / Indoor This strain is famous throughout the world. Non hybridized sativa. Not only confined to Nata...
Ethiopian Highland
Ethiopian Highland - Outdoor Considered the finest in the world by the ruling Empress Zauditu and Ras Tafari who became the E...
Kariba Surprise
The sun sets over the mighty Zambezi river,a fish eagle dips majestically over the water, a herd of buffalo join the elephant...
Malawi Gold
Malawi Gold - Outdoor Famed by travelers across Africa for its potent 'up high' and mythical gold color. The sativa ganja top...
Rooi Bart
Swazi 'Rooi bart' - Outdoor / Indoor 100% Cannabis Sativa, producing characteristic tall slender plants. Female heads have ch...
Swazi Skunk
Swazi Skunk - Outdoor / Indoor Exclusively inbred, never hybridized, 100% sativa. Buds are long with lots of resin, high yiel...
Tanzanian Magic
Original seed stock from the highland tea growing region in southern tanzania, this short fast flowering sativa gives short s...
Transkei Green
Transkei Green - Outdoor Wild seeds from crops grows extensively in the Transkei region of South Africa. These sativa plants ...
Zambian Copper
Like the metal that gave Zambia its life blood,Zambian copper gave the country its character Grown widely across the plateau ...
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African Seeds - Breeder Information  
Authentic and fresh world famous African seed strains.
Refined through centuries of African growing and smoking cultures.
All 100% Cannabis Sativa, some inbred to give world renoun strains such as Swazi Skunk and Durban Poison.
Others naturally selected from wild crops and traditional growers with decades of experience.
New strains from some of Southern Africa's most exotic and remote places.
High germination rates, fantastic female ratios, superior genetics, unique tastes and smells.


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