B-52 Bomber
This heavy hitting chronic will send you to the moon. The B-52 Bombers name describes the effects felt after smoking this spe...
The lionheart, with it's unique spicy smell, and extremely sticky composition, is definitely something special. It has a medi...
1 report
bailey II
Medusa has a vigorous mind-bending high that keeps you buzzing for hours. Helps increase awareness and conciseness and height...
Royal Empress
This Royal beauty has loving branches that reach out and stick to anything they touch. The exotic smell arouses all senses an...
Cannabis Cup winner, Sensi Star combined with an outstanding Jack Herer (cup winner also). Provides the grower with a heavy b...
1 report
Strawberry Blonde
This mostly indica, produces well indoors or out. Has subtle tastes and smells that remind you of something great. Hypnotizin...
Sweet Dreams
This sativa indica hybrid contains the best of both worlds. The heavy narcotic indica side was selected from Almighty's Best ...
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Sensitron from Almighty Seeds by Dollardog
Lionheart from Almighty Seeds by bailey II

Almighty Seeds - Breeder Information  
Almighty Seeds was founded from over 25 years of growing experience. Our genetics are created for the personal user and have highly valuable medical properties. Instead of creating commercial types of herb, we focus on the effects desired by true cannabis lovers.

Our Breeding Techniques involve acquiring and improving fine genetics from around the world. At Almighty we only breed the best. Actual sampling of hundreds of strains, labeling and then selecting only the mightiest to carry the ALMIGHTY name, is our main job!

Cannabis Indica and Sativa strains naturally improve with good breeding.

Each year we can improve a strain 3-4 times! With the one crop per month techniques, we can do numerous breeding tests and experiments in one year.

Check out our 8 fabulous strains that we are offering to the public.


Breeder Swizz,


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