Beauty and the Beast
The production growers may want to look at this one, it should be a heavy early. Chemo's polyploid nature causes it to just b...
2 reports
Flowerman, power2000
Because of it's genetic stability I prefer to call this a second generation Blueberry rather than an F2. Parents were purchas...
Killer Queen
This is for those looking for raw potency at any cost!! G-13 is the very potent mother, and C99 as the pollen source is no sl...
Orange Crush
The California Orange mom is the legendary clone that sets the standard for all other California Oranges to aspire towards. A...
Pink Grapefruit Cocktail
A previous auction item and test cross, this one turned out way too nice to not repeat. I found the buds to be very nice and ...
Is a very vigorous F1 hybrid of the pure Romulan female and a select Blueberry male. The hybrid retained the large sticky and...
1 report
Space Queen
Space Queen was the only reason I invested in C99 in the first place. Ever since I heard the description of Soul's princess I...
2 reports
FunkDoctor, dogsnob
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Beauty and the Beast from BCGA by Flowerman

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