Blue Berries
Powerful Indica with a fresh aroma and a fruity taste. The tips are often a purple-blue colour and are very striking during t...
Hollands Hope
Hollands Hope was developed in the eighties and is still one of the best varieties for outdoor cultivation. An Indica that is...
Jack Herer
These world-famous seeds are a must for every serious grower. A multiple cup winner that is excellently suited to indoor cult...
1 report
Master Kush
Master Kush is a combination of two different Afghanistan varieties with a highly characteristic aroma and flavour. It is a v...
Nevilles Haze
Everyone is in agreement that this is one of the strongest Haze varieties. A strong and sticky Sativa plant with the most inc...
Olé 47
Olé 47 was discovered in the seventies. This well known variety has a particular reputation for its very strong high. It give...
Sensi Star
This was the absolute winner of the Highlife Cup and High Times Cup in 1999. A resin-rich Indica with a distinctive and delig...
1 report
White Widow
The exact composition of this Indica-Sativa-hybrid is one of the best kept secrets. Extremely high quality plant with a fruit...
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