This F-1 hybrid produces buds that are truly a joy to smoke. The Hindu Kush takes some of the edge off of the Afghani's taste...
Afghan Dream
We have continued to inbreed and improve our Afghani #1 line and have produced an F-4 that we feel is one of the purest, most...
Looking for a high yielding, low-odour strain? This is the one! We have always found Big Bud all by itself to be quite "plain...
1 report
Big Blue
Another British Columbia Seed Company original. Since we introduced this strain to growers back in 1997, we have gotten nothi...
1 report
plants are sexy
Haze is a pure Sativa developed in the 70's and is widely agreed by experts to be the one of the most potent Sativas in the w...
1 report
Mephisto M
Our Bubbleberry mom crossed with our Northern Lights #5 has produced a plant that has that distinct Bubblegummy taste and sme...
1 report
Cali Miss
This cross between our pure Haze and the F-1 hybrid, Five-O, has been with us since the beginning back in 1995. Expect some v...
Crossing Northern Lights #5 with Afghani #1 has produced the heaviest hitter in our Indica lineup. Couchlock is an almost pur...
Electric Haze
This F-1 hybrid of Northern Lights #5 and Haze has won many awards. Known for it's extreme, almost psychedelic spaciness, Ele...
Fast Freddy
Crossing Northern Lights #5 with Early Pearl has produced an F-1 hybrid that is mostly Indica with a strong, hashy flavour an...
This F-1 hybrid between the resin champ Northern Lights #5 and our wonderful Hawaiian Indica has made many indoor growers ver...
Heavy Duty Fruity
This strain was developed in Humboldt, California back in the mid 80's. Named Heavy Duty Fruity not only because of it's extr...
1 report
Arrived Stoned
Jack is our version of the three way hybrid between Northern Lights #5, Skunk #1 and pure Haze that won the 1995 Cannabis cup...
Killin Garberville
This Emerald Triangle strain dates back to the early 80's and is believed to have originally been an hybrid between an Hawaii...
Maui Mist
Talk about taste! This F-1 hybrid between our Hawaiian Indica and a pure Haze has an extreme Sativa high with a beautiful tro...
Mendocino Madness
Originally an Indica-Sativa hybrid developed in California. Now a true-breeding strain exclusive to the British Columbia Seed...
Northern Lights #5
This state of the art Indica is the result of over 25 years of selective breeding. We have bred for vigorous growth, high yie...
4 reports
xdjangox, Maliboo...
Purple Lightning
Purple Lightning is an F-1 hybrid that we first created back in 1995 by crossing our Northern Lights #5 male with a female Pu...
Stinky Pinky
Another Cali strain whose seeds we introduced to the world in 1997. Stinky Pinky is a mostly Indica strain that develops dens...
Super Kush
Another very nice strain. The Hindu Kush adds it's unique pungency to the Northern Lights #5 in this F-1 hybrid, producing a ...
1 report
Supreme Skunk
This F-1 hybrid is a cross between Skunk #1 and the world famous Northern Lights #5. For sheer yield and hybrid vigour, this ...
1 report
True Skunk #1
Skunk #1 is the plant that set the standard in the marijuana industry. Our Skunk #1 breeding program has succeeded in produci...
White Lightning
A sensational cross between Northern Lights #5 and White Widow. Wonderfully sweet and resinous. The plants have a mostly Indi...
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The British Columbia Seed Company is the oldest seed company currently operating in North America. We have been in the business of providing quality seeds since 1995. More than 30,000 satisfied customers over the past 6 years can attest to the quality of our genetics. No other North American seed company has outsold The British Columbia Seed Company. Our reputation has been built on providing great seeds at a reasonable price. When you purchase seeds produced by The British Columbia Seed Company, you can rest assured that you are getting the best bud for you buck. Our reputation guarantees it! All seeds are the result of our dedicated breeders working constantly to bring you the finest pure strains and hybrids. Our seeds are grown under carefully controlled conditions to ensure genetic integrity and seed viability. At BCSC we use only true males and females to make our seeds, never hermaphrodites. Our seeds are periodically tested for proper germination.


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