An outstanding cross of the Dom and a super sweet Northern Lights selection. These chunky ladies make great bushes, but also ...
1 report
Kung-Fu Zombie
Mothered by our legendary 25+ yr old California Orange clone, and fathered by DJ Short’s Blueberry. This large producing hybr...
4 reports
free the hemp, Muska, Derrayld...
Calizahr.... the bitter orange. The 20+ year old Cali-O clone, an old elite gem that has proven her worth in gardens all over...
3 reports
TheCountryMan, Gründaum, Shmokin
Fighting Buddah
A heritage Burmese Sativa mother hybridized with Blueberry resulting in a tall proud Sativa dominant beauty with lime green f...
Frost Bite
This frosty hybrid packs on the weight!!! She’s a large yielding girl with incredible resin production and a strong aroma. 2 ...
3 reports
Dane Sabbath, strawdog, Hippiechik
A great ScrOG selection; the high is clear but intense, and a very nice citrus aroma to boot! These bushy plants that are gre...
1 report
Dr. Atomic
Mental Floss
A chunky, odorific prolific producer adored by commercially minded producers and hash connoisseurs. Strong sturdy stems make ...
Mountain Jam
We are very proud to offer you the initial release in the joint projects between Chimera Seeds and DJ Short. The Mountain Jam...
1 report
John Lee Pedimore
Spice of Life’s fantastic Shiskaberry fathers beef up the yield of the odourific Dom. These plants branch well and fill in wi...
8 reports
strawdog, sensibudz, Sph1nx...
Schnazzleberry #2
From the same mother as the original super-stoney Schnazzleberry. Perfect for SCROG or bush gardens. Expect bud-laden branche...
Recently added reports for Chimera
Mountain Jam from Chimera by John Lee Pedimore
C4 from Chimera by Fir3
Schnazzleberry from Chimera by enjoi420
Calizahr from Chimera by Shmokin
Malibu from Chimera by Dr. Atomic
Schnazzleberry from Chimera by §ŕ†áŃ
Aurora from Chimera by Kung-Fu Zombie
Schnazzleberry from Chimera by HighClassHookah
C4 from Chimera by Derrayld
Schnazzleberry from Chimera by High on Fire
Calizahr from Chimera by Gründaum
Calizahr from Chimera by TheCountryMan
Schnazzleberry from Chimera by RoAcH420
Schnazzleberry from Chimera by Sph1nx
Schnazzleberry from Chimera by sensibudz
Frost Bite from Chimera by Hippiechik
C4 from Chimera by Muska
C4 from Chimera by free the hemp
Schnazzleberry from Chimera by strawdog
Frost Bite from Chimera by strawdog

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