Ghaze Bx1
This hybrid is 75% G13 clone. The first such offering ever yet retains its Ghaze denomination because pollen was sourced from...
3 reports
Bud-O-Holic, WeedZilla, Tokahontas
Mighty Haze Candy
Quite a few growers e-mailed us requesting we put "that Mighty Candy" strain back on the auction block, so here it is with up...
Sugar Klingon
Royal ancestors on this hybrid: Bubblegum clone, original Sagarmatha's Blueberry and Aloha 98 Widow background for the Klingo...
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Ghaze Bx1 from Dutch Flowers by Tokahontas
Ghaze Bx1 from Dutch Flowers by WeedZilla
Ghaze Bx1 from Dutch Flowers by Bud-O-Holic

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