Brendas Skunk x NL
Bred in California, this 60/40 Indica/Sativa grows like a light green Christmas tree with some purpling in the fall. She has ...
Dutch Treat
Almost 80% Indica. Dutch Treat is one of our favorites. It grows dark green, lots of branches and very large tops. The buds a...
Dutch Treat x Hash Plant
A combination of two great strains. The Hash Plant should increase yield, and the Dutch Treat will sweeten the taste. Yields ...
Dutch Treat x Northern Lights
Mostly Indica. Bushy plant with many branches. Has a sweet, citrus scent and very resinous buds.Grow Location: Indoor/Out...
Island Skunk
Purple Skunk x Dutch Treat
Mostly Indica. Very bushy, lush growing plant with heavy buds, strong skunky smell and flavor. Pink hairs and purple leaves o...
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Purple Skunk x Dutch Treat from East Isl... by hashplant420

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