Afghan #1
This 100% pure Indica variety is imported from Afghanistan and produced here in Holland. Characteristic are the big, dark lea...
Alpha Bud
This fast growing cannabis from the Garden of Eden ensures your visit to the kingdom of pleasure. The typical oriental smell ...
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Le Maillot Vert
Big Bud
This 'bad boy special' from the Netherlands has enormous buds with an astonishing amount of THC. It grows to medium height an...
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California Orange
This Californian hybrid weed holds 35% Sativa, 65% Indica and is very popular world-wide. A very nice and stable top quality ...
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Durban Poison
This very early strain from South Africa is a 100% Classic Sativa that has never been hybridized. Durban Poison has long leav...
Hindu Kush
This is India's finest herb, a stabilized F1-Hybrid that is known because of it's tranquilizing effects. The relaxing and pea...
Inca Spirit
This famous herb from the Holy Mountains is a miracle in nature. It's a must for those who want a tripping experience and an ...
This well-known pure lambsbread ganja from the Blue Mountains was Bob Marley's inspiration. The Rastafarians declare that thi...
Northern Light
This fabulous hybrid herb from California consists of 88% Indica and 12% Sativa. Strong, short plant for indoor and greenhous...
Original Haze
This homogenous Sativa type weed originates from Nepal and contains a high level of THC. Grow it from fertile soil and add nu...
This is an early flowering, short plant with a heavy crop and spicy buds that give your joint a hashlike taste. These seeds h...
Shiva Shanti
This Afghani with its Indica aroma is one of the better yielders in seed collections. Due to its top indoor performance combi...
Skunk #1
This unanimous winner of the 'High Times' Cannabis Cup contains 80% Sativa and 20% Indica. It's been inbred since 1987 and is...
Skunk 3 x A2
This relative new breed from Holland has rapidly gained a marvelous international reputation because of her superb and heavy ...
Super Skunk
This strong quality cannabis is a F1-hybrid with extreme tall buds that contain much oil. The exquisite taste and pleasant hi...
Ultimate Thai
This good quality herb originates from Thailand and it is a mild stabilized hybrid, which consists of 75% Sativa and 25% Indi...
White Widow
This variant is created by the dedicated experts from Amsterdam. The content of this breed is one of the worlds best kept sec...
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Alpha Bud from Hemcy Seed Company by Le Maillot Vert
Big Bud from Hemcy Seed Company by Daego
White Widow from Hemcy Seed Company by gollum
California Orange from Hemcy Seed Company by Geckoeyes

Hemcy Seed Company - Breeder Information  
Hemcy Genetics are the result of more than 15 years of Dutch growing experience. We maintain strict selection criteria on characteristics such as potency and taste. Every individual seed is selected with the utmost care and they produce the strongest plants available on the market today.

Our seed collection consists of stable F1-Hybrids that possess the so-called \"Hybrid Vigor\" and consists of uniform plants. The art of growing starts with choosing top quality marijuana seeds. Over the years we have gained a lot of cultivating experience and we have emerged as a creditable source for Supreme Quality Cannabis Seeds. Hemcy Genetics have especially been bred to produce a pleasant smoking experience. All our seeds are cultivated biologically and can be grown indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse.


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