Afghan Mango
100% Indica.Short, leafy plants. Broad, dark green leaves with 5-9 laminas. Height of plants at harvest, outdoors: 150-200 ...
100% Sativa.Short conical plants for a Sativa. Medium green leaves with 7-9 laminas. Large, round, light brown to dark brow...
Cloud #7
60% Sativa, 40% Indica.Strong plants, conical growth pattern. Medium green leaves with 7 to 11 laminas. Large, dark brown s...
Shirin Gol
100% Indica.Very strong plants with short internodes. Large round seeds, medium to light brown with many dark stripes. Size...
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Shirin Mango
100% Indica. F1 hybrid.Short, leafy plants with tight internodes. Dark green leaves. Large, light to dark brown seeds with ...
Shivas Joy
100% Indica.Columnar growth pattern. Medium green leaves with 5-7 laminas. Size of plants at harvest, outdoors: 150-180cm (...
Sticky Sista
50% Indica, 50% Sativa. F1 hybrid.Medium size, bushy plants with broad, dark green leaves. Large seeds, dark grey to brown ...
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Shirin Gol from Herbaria by Naturbursche

Herbaria - Breeder Information  
Tünde and Hannes have worked hard to collect original Cannabis strains from different countries for over 15 years. Herbaria was founded in 1996 in Zurich. While Tünde as a sales woman and specialist of the Cannabis scene in Switzerland worries about the marketing and the business interests, Hannes completely dedicates himself to the plants. The idea is to preserve original landraces by means of natural selection. Because of the success of the Hemp market in Switzerland, and especially subsidized Hemp strains that have little to do with natural varieties, there is a danger of seeing precious Cannabis genetics disappear. After years of inbreeding for the needs of reproduction, the genetic information can change partly and be lost, which is called "inbreeding depression" (inbreeding depression is responsible for low germination rates and deformed growth). In order to fight this, the gene pool must be refurbished regularly with pure varieties. Producing clones and seeds, Herbaria guarantees the preservation of outdoor and indoor strains. No pesticides or fungicides are used by the company. The mother plants grow in peat-free, compost-enriched soil. The fertilization is made by organic-mineral additives. The company lays the emphasis on the quality of the strains in the Herbaria collection, the most important factors being flavour, growth vigour and potency.


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