This is one of the most potent varieties and well known with growers.This plant is never a disappointment. Pure Indica with...
Armageddon 47
A mostly sativa strain. Our version of the famous "one hit wonder". Won several prizes in the 90's. Super Sativa high. Grows ...
2 reports
Geckoeyes, GrowingHigher
Australian Blue
Another new Blue Haze cross. Now with an Australian 'Boesi' or 'Duck' as the mother. This is a sativa (90%) with a lovely lem...
This plant is a truly superior Skunk breed that grows some very heavy buds.Ideal for the commercial Skunk grower. As with...
1 report
Big Bud
Another former Cup winner. The name says it all.A mostly indica strain with very high yields.The lower branches might col...
Blue Haze
A unique cross between the homegrown Haze and the Blueberry, with a classy sweet musky taste with a strong stone.The grow...
2 reports
Bubba Dutch, The Cheshire Cat
Blue Pearl
New in 2004. This is a cross of our prize winning Blue Haze with a Silver Pearl mother. This mostly sativa strain has a soft ...
Californian Orange
50% indica - 50% sativa. This Orange Bud is a Cup winner.The plants have a distinct citrus taste and smell.The fragrance ...
This variety is a stable homogeneous, with big fat tops, long colas with a lovely fresh caramel smell. This variety has been ...
1 report
yellow widow
A Pakistani variety crossbreed with a Skunk. Spicy taste and an always surprising high. A firm favourite among connoisseurs. ...
1 report
Early Girl
Indica X Sativa mix: This plant will start to flower, usually within 8 weeks without the need for less hours of sunlight, so ...
A new variety, mostly Indica with a sweet taste, our version of the bubble gum/ bubble berry famous by American clients. This...
First Lady (White Widow)
This is the queen mother of the White Widow strain. The most appreciated and rewarded sort of the last few years in Holland. ...
Flash Back is the variety for inside, outside and greenhouse. This variety will grow under any circumstances and produce a ni...
25% Indica, 25% Ruderalis, 25% Northern Lights and 25% Skunk #1 equals Fourway #1. Looks a lot like an Indica, strong and eas...
100% sativa, this is a slow plant to grow, but famous for its special qualities. The plant that set the standard for all sati...
1 report
Homegrown Fantasy
This variety retains the sugar coating of all the white strains, but has even larger trichomes bulging out from stems and bud...
Homegrown Kush
Our pure indica Masterkush is a former Cup winner. This improved Kush strain with a nice yield is a short, compact plant. Thi...
Homegrown Purple (aka Purple Power)
Purple colored buds, wonderful magical fragrance, lots of THC, fast growing and early flowering make this an ideal outdoor ch...
Homegrown Skunk
This Skunk #1 is a genuine strain. Used a lot for crossing, to increase vigor and yield. With its quick flowering, this varie...
1 report
Jah Herer
A Jack Herer hybrid. If you are a Jack Herer fan but found it a nightmare to grow, this is the plant for you. Much faster to ...
It's the little sister of the White Widow Bio, short plant ideal for people with little space. Very soft taste and decent hig...
Kamamist Pure sativa, really strong high. In appearance similar to South-East Asian strains of the 1970's. The buds are a bit...
Mango is a 100% Indica crossbreed with a H#1 KC 33 and our Afghani. Real favorite amongst growers and smokers, beautiful plan...
2 reports
sirrealtea, Astral Spirit
Millenium is the plant for the future. It is mostly an Indica. This plant can yield upto 600 grams per square meter. Grown cl...
Northern Light
Northern Light is a mostly indica that won the Cannabis Cup in '88, '89 and '90. Often used for crossbreeding because of its ...
Northern Light x Shiva
This cross has many fans. It was the starting point for many of the special "White Strains". Retained that super Shiva taste,...
1 report
Original Misty
This is one sexy lady, a truly beautiful plant , bustling with thc glands a top producer in terms of yeild gourment taste and...
2 reports
mr hand, SantaPlanta
Purple High
Original Dutch outdoor variety, strong plant. Almost all plants turn a rich purple, sticky with T.H.C. Very easy to grow, ear...
100% Indica, is mostly used for the best crossbreeding (cryistal). Strong Oriental taste and a heavy stone. Small compact plant.
1 report
Shiva Afghani
Another old Ed Special, his last gift to the Dutch seed trade before leaving Europe. Fast flowering, above average yield and ...
2 reports
bigislandbud, gullymonster
Silver Blue
From the Silver Pearl and Blueberry families. The Silver Blue is the Big Bud of the white weed varieties. This variety is hig...
Skunk Red Hair
The variety which made indoor growing possible since 1985. It's still the growers favorite. Under the right conditions it's e...
Skunk Special
Related to the Skunk #1, it has the qualities of big heavy buds and lots of crystals. As the name suggests, something special...
Super Crystal
This is the strain surprised everyone at the High Times Cup. An undisputed favorite amongst the judges, it brought us the tit...
Top 44
A Skunk and Vicking crossbreed with an extremely short flowering time (44 days). Therefore it's an all out favorite with the ...
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Homegrown Fantaseeds - Breeder Information  
Homegrown Fantaseeds is a sister company to the very successful Amsterdam Coffeeshop, Homegrown Fantasy. The Fantaseeds seed company broke onto the scene in a big way, winning the 1997 Cannabis Cup for overall seedbank quality. Low prices and massively good weed make this collection one of the most popular in recent years.


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