AK-47 x Bubbleberry
This strain produces a very fruity smelling plant that is very mold resistant. It does excellent outdoors, but will do even b...
1 report
Cream Sodica x Peak 19 x AK-47
I used a few purple/green Cream Sodica females and crossed them with my 1947. The idea here was to add some punch to the grea...
Early Pearl F2
Early Pearl is a very popular outdoor variety. It is very sweet, fruity and resinous. It has predominantly Sativa growth patt...
Island Skunk
This is a mostly indica outdoor strain with a strong skunky smell that?s been growing on Vancouver Island for years. Many of ...
This Kiwi strain is 100% landrace sativa from New Zealand. Very easy to grow, has many long semi compact buds which is typica...
Mango x Cream Sodica
This strain has some Mango females crossed with my best Cream Sodica males. The result is a plant with huge very fruity sweet...
Mighty Mite x Peak19-AK47
Mighty Mite is a famous BC indica that originated in the Himalayas. It has a bushy main cola, very good potency. This was cro...
1 report
Northernberry F2
Northernberry is a cross between a N-L#5 x Blueberry. They are a very short plant with tight nodes. They are also a bit finic...
1 report
Original Haze x AK-47
As if the Haze isn't a powerful plant on its own, I pollinated a few of the most outstanding females with the best of the AK ...
Peak 19 x AK-47
These two powerful strains have proved to be very good producers of the highest quality. Although they grow great outside, yo...
1 report
Purple High F2
Purple high is an original Dutch strain. It is 100% Indica, easy to grow and an early finisher. Most plants will turn a rich ...
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