AK47 F2
These were made from a pack of seeds I got from Serious Seeds in Holland a few years ago. Here are some things that were writ...
AK47 x Cinderella 99
This is an F1 cross of Brother's Grimm Cinderella99 and AK47 from Serious Seeds. These are both legendary strains and we woul...
1 report
Apollo 11 F2
These are F2 seeds made from the best females and males of Apollo 11. The Brothers Grimm are the originators of this strain a...
1 report
Blue Apollo
This is a cross between my favorite blueberry and Apollo 11. The Father is Apollo 11 a high producing super potent strain man...
1 report
C99 x Apollo 11
Here we have a cross between two highly acclaimed plants. The mother was Brother's Grimm Cinderella-99 and the father was Apo...
1 report
Cinderella 99 F2
These are seeds made from Brothers Grimm stock. One of the nice things about this line is it's quite true breeding. You will ...
2 reports
Shmokin, B@nd|T
Moon Shadow
This is a unique blend of Chemo and Cinderella99. The mom was Chemo/whiterhino and the father was C99. The idea behind this c...
Northern Lights x C99
Northern ligthts was the mother of this cross. NL is a high yielding fast growing strain that has been around a long time. Th...
1 report
White Russian
This is my version of the famous White Russian. The father in this cross was White Widow from Greenhouse seeds in Amsterdam. ...
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Cinderella 99 F2 from Joey Weed by B@nd|T
Northern Lights x C99 from Joey Weed by sugabear
Cinderella 99 F2 from Joey Weed by Shmokin
Blue Apollo from Joey Weed by enjoi420
C99 x Apollo 11 from Joey Weed by Grat3fulH3ad
AK47 x Cinderella 99 from Joey Weed by gone2seed
Apollo 11 F2 from Joey Weed by Shmokin

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