Desert Queen
No Mercy proudly presents a crossing between a sudden death # master ice and an everest queen # WKwe call her : Desert Quee...
Everest Queen
Everest Queen :K-2 crossed with a Shiva # Special.The mother of all No Mercy Supply female seed.It was the mother fro...
Ice Queen
Absolutely a top-quality weed ... No paranoia, no stress ... Just an honest high.About 8 weeks of flowering... and you're...
2 reports
kind4dayz, assasukasse
Summer Queen
Summer Queen : Everest # Northern Light Extra.The strain to get a “herb high”Like all queens a plant that gives you a...
1 report
Claud Balls
Valley Queen
2 reports
hitman4d4, Snoozer
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Ice Queen from No Mercy Supply by assasukasse
Ice Queen from No Mercy Supply by kind4dayz
Valley Queen from No Mercy Supply by Snoozer
Summer Queen from No Mercy Supply by Claud Balls
Valley Queen from No Mercy Supply by hitman4d4

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The XX-generation - "To Serve You"

No Mercy Supply is a dynamic company, concentrated on the Cannabis market. This company is the living dream of a freak, Cees, who has over 32 years of growing experience. He wants to share his experience with every grower. Here you will find info on our beloved plant. Everything from A to Z presented in a back to basics manner.
To Serve You, in our name means a lot, so much that it's impossible for us to define. Send your wishes, questions about our beloved plant and smoke to the No Mercy Supply team so we can give it, to the best of our ability, our personal attention.


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