The Granflora is an Afghani mother crossed with a Purpurea Ticinesis father. Felix has been working on this strain since 1995...
Won the Swiss Canna Cup in 2001.This pure Indica Afghani cross is Felix's most potent strain, and the sweetest in our opi...
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Purpurea Ticinensis
This plant has been selectively cultivated and bred by Felix of Owl Productions since 1988. He acquired the parental stock ba...
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thor88, philosophal_stone
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Purpurea Ticinensis from Owls Production by philosophal_stone
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Owls Production - Breeder Information  
Felix Kautz of Owl\'s Production has been selecting Cannabis genetics since 1978. He founded Owl\'s Production in 1996. According to the competent cantonal authorities, Felix Kautz is a recognized Cannabis breeder who has developed quality strains and has obtained the licence to cultivate them. Owl\'s Production selects Cannabis varieties from many different countries and climates. The selected parental stocks have been kept as Mother plants and clones for many years. Male plants are also kept for seed production. Parent lines of all the varieties sold by Owl\'s production have been kept over the years in order to guarantee a constant quality.


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