Fat buds, big leaves, loads of THC.
California Orange Bud
Nice sweet taste, mellow high.
Herby, strong weed for devotees, firm buds.
Early Bud
Big buds, early flowering.Outdoor.
Four Way
Crossing of four types of skunk yields fat buds.
Hawaiian x Skunk 1
Sativa like high, long strain, fast growing, fruity smell.Outdoor / Greenhouse.
Strong, compact buds, mellow high.Indoor.
Haze 19 x Skunk 1
Really tasty strong plant.Indoor.
Hindu Kush
Strong, heavy budding plant, much THC.Indoor / Greenhouse.
Hollands Hope
Good outdoor taste, well known.Outdoor.
1 report
KC 33
Dutch strain, cultivated for years. Crossed with Thai & Brazil plants. Compact buds, lemon fresh taste, double THC. There hav...
KC 36
The parents of this plant are a secret. Short stocky plant that produces giant buds, very productive. A true THC bomb. There ...
Leda Uno
KC 33 crossed with a Brazilian female, then crossed with a KC 606 early flowering male crossed with Leda, superior plant with...
Master Kush
Tetraploid, special taste, 2 x winner of the HT Cannabis Cup.Indoor / Greenhouse.
Sister of White Widow.Just dripping with THC. Compact and very strong.Indoor.
New Purple Power
Purple colored buds, new taste, early flowering.Outdoor.
NL x Shiva x Citral
A mix of three of the best types of plant. Compact and stoney.
Northern Lights
One of the most popular seeds, good high, nice plant.
Very strong, short compact plant, not many leaves.Indoor / Greenhouse.
Shiva x Northern Lights
Dripping with THC, excellent head high, good plant.Indoor / Greenhouse.
Skunk Red Hair
Fast growing, good yield.
Skunk Special
Large harvest. Stay's low and compact.
Swiss Miss
Skunk mix, very stoney.Outdoor / Greenhouse.
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Hollands Hope from Positronics by oldschool55

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