Guava #1
The Guava #1 is a backcross line created by crossing the W1347 x LPS (Hells relief F1) back to the original mother clone W134...
2 reports
utopiate, Echo
Jack Flash x Super Skunk
A fortuitous F1 cross of an Australian commercial HID strain similar in Habit to SuperSkunk and the Sensi Seeds Jack Flash....
An F1 cross of two selected Afghani mothers and a very rapid temperate sativa (17 days until pollen release) originating at a...
An outcross of a selected WhiteLabel BubbleGum Female and a selected Serious Seeds BubbleGum Male who was very fast in flower...
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Guava #1 from Seeds from the Igloo by Echo
Guava #1 from Seeds from the Igloo by utopiate

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