Afghan Delight
Afghan Delight is the strain with the most Afghanistan genetics of any of my strains. A mix of Afghan skunk and Afghan Hawaii...
1 report
Amethyst Bud
Amethyst Bud is a mix of Lavender Bud and Afghani Hawaiian so the dark purple color from the purple Kush part of it's genetic...
Amnesia Haze
1 report
Big Kahuna
Big Kahuna is a good plant for first time grower's, it doesn't branch out too much and has a very large top bud. The smell is...
1 report
Buddahs Sister
Previously called Soma Skunk V+, this variety was renamed Buddha's sister to suit her tendencies and advance her appeal to Am...
3 reports
Bubba Dutch, RabidVT, Moonshineman II
Citralah a great strain for making hash from. Half it's genetics come from Chittral Pakistan where it is solely used for hash...
Free Tibet
Free Tibet the first and only strain using this name beware of imitations as far as this strain goes there are imitations out...
Haze Heaven
Haze Heaven is just that, a haze that doesn't take as long to finish as most others, a great yielding plant with giant buds, ...
One of Soma's favorite strains, Kahuna is a 4-way cross that brings together a wide set of influences for a complex high. Som...
1 report
Kilimanjaro - Soma 1
Kilimanjaro formerly known as Soma 1+ lives up to it's name. This bud is quite large with many light red hairs and a real fru...
Lavender - Soma 10
Soma #10 brings together a world of weed. Strains with histories that traverse Afghanistan, Hawaii, Korea, the U.S, and Europ...
1 report
New York City Diesel
The N.Y.C Diesel has its roots in the Big Apple, a friend brought the seeds and said that it was the best pot he ever smoked,...
4 reports
WeedZilla, John Lee Pedimore, god shave the queen...
Reclining Buddha
Reclining Buddha is a 3-way hybrid that combines the genetics of Holland's Hope with Super Skunkand Big Skunk Korean. Circula...
Rock Bud - Soma A+
Soma A+ may become the pet of the class. Short to medium in height, this mostly indica strain displays the bushy structure an...
Somango - Soma #5
Somango blends the multiple hybrid Jack Herer with Big Skunk Korean to form the fruitiest of all Soma's strains. Previously k...
Somanna - Soma Wide+
Somanna formerly Soma Wide+ is the only strain with cannabis Chinensis a type that grows in China, it has a very interesting ...
Somativa a mix of genetics from all over the globe. In 1994 the cannabis strain of Sensi-seeds seed bank " Jack Herer" won fi...
White Light
White Light is a cross of Bubblegum and White Widow and is my most bubblegum smelling plant. It tastes like candy. It takes 1...
White Willow
White Willow named after my daughter who is quite a strong human being, is also quite a strong plant. A cross of White Widow ...
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New York City Diesel from Soma Seeds by WeedZilla

Soma Seeds - Breeder Information  
Soma is a 53 year old Rastafarian who is spiritually dedicated to the Sacred cannabis plant. He has been working with the plant for 35 years. He wears pants and shirts made out of it, smokes it constantly,he has a prescription for 10 grams a day, and studies every aspect of the marijuana phenomenon.

He feels that it is one of the tools that can save humanity from it's direction of self destruction. He knows that it helps healing take place whenever and wherever it is used. Unlike aspirin, alcohol, tobacco, caffeine and nuclear radiation, cannabis has never killed anyone. It is one of the safest therapeutic substances known to man. Humankind has been using it since time immemorial.

It is one of the best paper sources in the whole wide world, it can be recycled 7 times, takes one
fifth of the pollution to manufacture than tree paper, and could be a totally renewable source of Bio-fuel.
Hempseed is one of the best sources of vegetable protein available on
planet earth and 55% of a mature cannabis plant is seeds.

The only problem is the art of cannabis has been recently lost to mankind, it has been lied about,
it has been suppressed, it has come close to genocide and the fear factor for this safest of substances
has been blown totally out of proportion. Soma Seeds plans on changing the direction a few things
are going these days. First of all Soma Seeds is an earth friendly business striving to think of
earth first in the business that we create. We grow our seeds biologically, we let our hearts guide us
with the plants, not calendars, not money, not power trips, but a sacredness, a vibration of mutual trust,
an exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide, a friendship. Soma Seeds focus's on the medicinal
side of cannabis,constantly striving to find better and better geneticis to be used in a medicinal way.

Medicinal cannabis has to be grown in a manner where the end product is truly going to make the
patient feel better, not full of pesticides, poisons, and money vibes. Our seeds are tested constantly
for their germination quality. We have a line of 100% female seeds as well as male and female seeds.
Our male and female seeds are usually about 30% male 70% female.
We have 20 different types of seeds available.


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