A-13 X Black Russian
The goal here was to increase the potency of the Black Russian while maintaining some purple traits. The seeds produce a basi...
Astroboy is an extremely potent plant with leaning toward a Genius like Phenotype.Smoke reports from the field indicate ext...
1 report
This strain is our largest producer and yields watermelon flavored buds that are dense and large. With a slight Hashy underto...
Danny Boy
The back bone of this cross is an extremely tasty Killer Queen Pheno crossed with an Ortega X C99 Male. The female Ortega X...
1 report
Jacks Cleaner Bx
Towering Sativa colas and high yields made this strain an instant favorite and it quicly vanished from all Seed banks. Taking...
Nice short stocky plants with an incredible Orange Candy smell. Most Phenotypes lean towards the OV and have a Orange skunk s...
Lemon Freeze
This Sunycheba creation is an amazing variation of the JC bx phenotype T Heavily Sativa influenced it has even less Indica tr...
Sputnik 1.0
Vibrant Pink and Purple colors are this strains claim to fame, the hidden secret is the Apollo-13 potency lurking just under ...
Sputnik 2.0
This double backcross resembles the parent mom in both looks and smell. Having a slightly smoother toke and much easier on th...
1 report
The Pie-eyed Piper
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Sputnik 2.0 from Subcool Seeds by The Pie-eyed Piper
Astroboy from Subcool Seeds by LoFeRson
Danny Boy from Subcool Seeds by Sunycheba

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