Bleu Berries
A mainly Indica hybrid which under the right circumstances produces a very high yield. A very dense flower formation and a st...
Double Gum
One of the most interesting qualities of this plant is the sweetness in taste and smell. This plant also performs well under ...
4 reports
Grandad, Blackice, acr...
Hollands Hope
One of the first Dutch outdoor strains, grown in Holland since the early eighties. A heavy Indica variety with a knock-out st...
Master Kush
A mainly Indica hybrid created with 2 different Hindu-Kush Afghani varieties. Stands out for its typical smell and taste. A p...
Nevilles Haze
One of the strongest Haze varieties ever released. It can be easily started from seeds under 12 hours of light. Also cuttings...
Oké 47
The Oké 47 is a famous Afghani Hybrid, that was collected in the early 70's. The yield is not that extreem but the potency is...
Orange Bud
Famous orange indica from California.Lots of orangehairs and a citrus taste. An easy to grow plant with thick dense buds, q...
Sensi Star
One of the strongest Indica's that you will ever encounter. First price winner in the Highlife Cup 1999, bio indoors and firs...
White haze
A new variation on the classic Haze strain. This variety grows classic sativa 'colas' that bristle with resin glands. Sweetne...
White Skunk
Super resinous skunk cross with heavy duty white crystals. Compact sweet smelling buds and a good yield can be expected from ...
2 reports
mauiwowie_chic, Mrmadcty
White Widow
This sweet Indica-Sativa cross has a fresh pungent smell and an amazing fuity taste. The first choice of commercial Dutch gro...
3 reports
BucEye, Max21, cyphomatic
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