AK 47 x Sensi Star
1 report
Early Girl F2
Early Girl x Jack Herer
Early Girl x Northern Lights
Jack Herer F2
Kali Mist F2
A superb Sativa with a high calyx to leaf ratio and long, running tops that produce full, fluffy buds. Expect spiraling buds ...
1 report
Northern Lights F2
Northern Lights x Blueberry
Northern Lights x Hash Plant
Northern Lights x Jack Herer
Northern Lights x Juicy Fruit
Skunk #1 F2
Sky Dog
White Lights
White Widow F2
1 report
m0n5ter 8ud5
White Widow x AK47
White Widow x Hash Plant
White Widow x White Rhino
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AK 47 x Sensi Star from Willy Jack by suge-nite
White Widow F2 from Willy Jack by m0n5ter 8ud5
Kali Mist F2 from Willy Jack by treeoflife

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