Originally this strain was imported from Afghanistan and selectively bred in Holland for indoor cultivation. Afghan has a str...
9 reports
Bud63, chicksdigit6, hydrogrunt...
Supposedly derived from AK 47 (Serious Seeds).
23 reports
R00tH4x0r, bact, dreadz...
Aurora Indica
Aurora Indica is an f1 hybrid of Afghan and Northern Lights. Aurora Indica stays short and produces heavy colas. This plant h...
9 reports
PLAYn, East Coast Au, Grower_Gone_Wild...
Supposedly derived from B52 (Dutch Passion, Homegrown Fantaseeds).
6 reports
tasteOrganic, NateTheGreat, the kaiser...
Big Bud
Supposedly derived from Big Bud (Sensi Seeds).
5 reports
vaaran, doc Genetics, BigSensiSkunk...
Blue Mystic
Blue Mystic is one of the most popular strains of blue you have come to expect from Nirvana. This mostly Indica strain with s...
11 reports
Unknown Seeds, baron1212, Kalope...
Bubble Gum
Supposedly derived from Bubble Gum (TH Seeds, Serious Seeds).
11 reports
WeedZilla, ILLSWITCH, Endless Daze...
Bubblicious was developed in the Midwest, U.S.A. then brought to Holland in the 90's and further refined. Bubblicious grows v...
8 reports
Wolf, MaliciousMarijuana, Buzz Lite...
California Orange Bud
Our California Orange Bud is selected for its orange candy aroma and taste. California Orange Bud is one of the easier variet...
6 reports
l kiz l, PhatGanjaMan, Calyxander...
Chrystal is a White Widow re-back-crossed with Northern Lights. Chrystal’s buds are big and sticky with an almost kerosene li...
7 reports
sensibudz, jsatan, f0zi8ear...
Genetics for this strain come from the Hindu Kush mountain region near the village district of Chitral. Citral produces a mel...
4 reports
John Lee Pedimore, hooj, hempgrow...
Durban Poison
Durban Poison is a F1 cross of a Sativa strain from a secret garden located just outside Durban, South Africa and a potent, e...
6 reports
Mutombo, chappers, Hipnotic925...
Early Bud
Early Bud is a new and improved version of Early Girl delivering a smoother smoke and strong high. Early Bud is one of the ea...
1 report
Early Girl
Supposedly derived from Early Girl (Cultivator's Choice, Sensi Seeds).
Early Misty
We have taken our famous Misty and crossed it with a super early Skunk. Early Misty is our strongest outdoor variety. Early M...
2 reports
Duke_Of_Earl, WheresWaldo?
Early Special
Early Special is our earliest flowerer. Its genetics contain Siberian Ruderalis. Some individuals start flowering with 24 hou...
1 report
Four Way
Four-way consists of ¼ indica, ¼ ruderalis, ¼ sativa and ¼ Skunk#1. Four-way usually takes on an Indica appearance, rather sh...
2 reports
DjrDaniel, FLWEED
Hawaii x Maui Waui
Hawaii Maui Waui is a lanky tropical sativa, long a main attraction of the Hawaiian Islands. This strain has a citrus aroma a...
Hawaii x Skunk #1
Original Maui Waui is crossed with Dutch Skunk #1. This unique F1 hybrid grows generally tall with thick round leaves at firs...
1 report
The roots of our Haze begin in the foothills of the Bay Area, California in the 1970’s. It is a stable magic mix of Columbian...
2 reports
dreadz, coopaloop
Haze 19 x Skunk
Supposedly derived from Haze #19 x Skunk #1 (Positronics, Homegrown Fantaseeds, Dutch Passion).
Hindu Kush
Supposedly derived from Hindu Kush (Sensi Seeds).
4 reports
Hollands Hope
Supposedly derived from Holland's Hope (Positronics, Homegrown Fantaseeds, Dutch Passion).
1 report
With Ice we have successfully attempted to bring quality and quantity together. Ice has ancestors of Afghani, a very special ...
18 reports
wallyduck, go_burn_1, Naturbursche10304...
Jock Horror
Jock is a multiple hybrid of Northern Light, Skunk and Haze, which delivers a strong up buzz. This variety produces so much r...
4 reports
big eggy, Suleiman, mr_skittle...
Supposedly derived from K2 (Homegrown Fantaseeds).
15 reports
Snaps_Provolone, The White Rabbit, Flowerman...
Kaya is a hearty strain bred for rougher climates or novice indoor growers. Leaning on the Sativa side, Kaya grows big and ta...
1 report
KC 33 x Master Kush
This is a F1 hybrid of our famous Master Kush and the original KC33 from master breeder K.C. Brains. This selection is bred f...
Maroc x Afghan
Moroc x Afghan is truly a classic F1 hybrid of two of the tastiest hash producing strains known to man. The Moroccan seed sto...
1 report
John Lee Pedimore
Master Kush
First called High-Rise, Master Kush was developed in one of the tall buildings of south Amsterdam. Instantly the coffeeshops ...
4 reports
John Lee Pedimore, stevan, tazz11...
Medusa is the latest addition to our harem at Nirvana. Powerful Misty genes contribute to Medusa’s ability to turn people to ...
Supposedly derived from Misty (Homegrown Fantaseeds).
4 reports
trashcanman, Flowerman, Wanny...
Mixed Sativa
This plant is our original outdoor Sativa. Mixed Sativa produces tall females with loose buds. Can be planted close together ...
New Purple Power
In the late 80’s the famous import purple strains were very popular to smoke but would not grow so well in the northern Europ...
Nirvana Special
Nirvana Special is a F1 hybrid of Jock Horror and a strain from Oaxaca, Mexico. Nirvana Special has a unique sweet and sour f...
1 report
Northern Bright
Northern Bright is a hybrid of Northern Lights and Haze. Northern bright produces relatively small leaves and long stretchy b...
2 reports
andyman, father bud
Northern Lights
Northern Lights is highly adapted to indoor growing. Nearly all promising modern indoor strains contain NL genes. High flower...
20 reports
Carpe-Nox, danksfortheadvice, ILLSWITCH...
Northern Lights x Big Bud
Northern Lights x Big Bud was developed with the grower and smoker in mind. Big Bud has outragouse yield but tends to be a bi...
10 reports
chaos_thick_pipe, R00tH4x0r, bact...
Northern Lights x Haze
Northern Lights is crossed with our Haze to produce a heavier set plant. NL/Hz still reaches tall heights yet dense Northern ...
3 reports
Wilford Brimley, JeebusCrunk, doc. greenbud
Northern Lights x Shiva
Northern Lights crossed with Shiva creates wonderfully pungent sweet buds with bountiful THC. This plant has high flower to l...
9 reports
The White Rabbit, CannaMonkey, Aethyr93...
Supposedly derived from Mango (KC Brains).
11 reports
mastergrower, two headed elvis, ucboy...
Pure Power Plant
Supposedly derived from Power Plant (Dutch Passion).
10 reports
emailsdumb, CannaMonkey, crunks...
Pure Power Plant feminized
Supposedly derived from Power Plant (Dutch Passion).
1 report
Supposedly derived from Shiva (Sensi Seeds).
4 reports
Snaps_Provolone, D-Monoxide, green cell...
Silver Haze
No information available or discontinued.
Silver Pearl
Supposedly derived from Silver Pearl (Sensi Seeds).
Skunk #1
Skunk 1 is used as a base for many of the new world strains many of which are found here in our broad selection. Skunk 1 has ...
12 reports
l kiz l, RabidVT, oranje...
Skunk Red Hair
Supposedly derived from Skunk Red Hair (Dutch Passion).
Skunk Special
Skunk Special was developed for Skunk enthusiasts. Absolute refinement of Skunk #1 was achieved through an intense selection ...
1 report
Snow White
Snow White is one of our highest quality selections from the “white” family. The fat pure Indica father gives Snow White a de...
6 reports
hAshley, ralpheme !, Scootahbud...
Super Skunk
Supposedly derived from Super Skunk (Sensi Seeds).
2 reports
rockymtnbuds, gizzmo
Supergirl is a heavy new female Skunk strain with great potential for the commercial grower. Supergirl is a dark green bushy ...
5 reports
graham, xLite, potassio...
Swazi is an original pure Sativa strain from Swaziland. Swazi can grow up to 3m tall with huge 13 finger leaves and has long ...
Swiss Miss
Supposedly derived from Swiss Miss, a Ruderalis hybrid (Positronics).
Top 44
T44 is one of our top commercial strains. Top 44 is our fastest flowering variety which under ideal conditions can be ready i...
5 reports
Snaps_Provolone, sicone420, jkrustie...
One of our new production Skunks, this feminized selection starts slowly then comes on strong with more rapid growth creating...
White Rhino
Supposedly derived from White Rhino (Green House seeds Co).
26 reports
Smokey Da Puffmaster, Mikay One, hitman4d4...
White Widow
Supposedly derived from White Widow (Green House Seeds Co).
14 reports
UncleBud, Flowerman, Dr Zep...
Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman is another new high volume production Skunk. Fresh genetics make it possible to achieve over ½ kilo per square m...
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