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Marijuana Reform #1 question at Obama’s Website!

By: skamikaze

I’m sure some of you know that President-Elect Obama had set up a system for people to ask a question of him and his administration relating to things they will make a priority during the beginning and duration of Obama’s presidency. People were allowed to click a check or x to reply as to whether they approved of the question. The number one question as of the close of voting was this


"Will you consider legalizing marijuana so that the government can regulate it, tax it, put age limits on it, and create millions of new jobs and create a billion dollar industry right here in the U.S.?"

Additionally 16 of the top 50 questions pertained to the failed drug policy in the US. Most of those questions were about pot. There is a blog post coming in the next few days from the Obama camp. I’m curious to see how they address these questions. I’ll post the blog from Obama’s people as soon as they write it.

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