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Ordered and recieved my order in 10 working days (I’m in Florida. I didn’t order the stealth option and everything came through fine.
I’m a little concerned about the vitality of the seeds, They were tiny (I know I’m used to seeing outdoor seed) and seemed to have difficulty shedding their casing (some didn’t)
I’m pleased that I didn’t get ripped off and will get a few plants from this… just not as vigorous as I had hoped (my expectations COULD be scewed)


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Good Karma Grower’s Collective

This collective located in Lucerne, California is a favorite place to get great medicine and clones.

In a newly expanded building directly across the street from beautiful Clearlake, they operate a Farmer’s Market every Saturday from 11 am to 5 pm.

Vendors are always welcome, bring your clones, medicine, edibles and associated products.

Lots of free parking!

Watch the video!


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puff danny’s glass boutique

largest selection of michigan made glass.also everything else you can imagine.great prices and service!!!!!!!

19 n hamilton
ypsilanti, mi
734 480 1422

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Canto Diem

CANTO DIEM test all their meds to ensure they are contaminant free and the quality is evident. I have never been to a collective that tests its meds including THC CBD and CBNs’ percentages. Canto is my collective!

Their Banana OG at 29.4% THC

5419 W Sunset Blvd #5
Hollywood, California
323 465 4420

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East Coast Evolution

After having a bad experience at a larger and more expensive place, Evolution was like a breath of fresh air!

The folks here are friendly and the facility is cozy and comfortable. No over the top doormen, and deli counters here!

I enjoyed taking my time, asking questions so I could get the best medicine. The quality of the products from skincare to edibles is top notch with no inflated prices. Everything that was recommended to me was superb quality. This is not a place that carries hundred of strains, but what they do have is excellent quality medicine. I found the Mango particularly good for my pain during the day.

I love the fact this is a local club that is run compassionately and contributes to various local charities. I will not go anywhere else for my medication.

Felton, CA

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Vip Wellness Center

Vip Wellness Center

Wondering if you will ever remember all of those strains? From the wonderful aroma of cat piss, to the powerful masters of jah kush. Marijuana has taken a light rail to stardom with all of its decisions and "creative" highs.

Vip Wellness Center helped me feel more knowledgeable and confident by giving me a great atmosphere to choose and ponder, and a precise staff who knows their medicine. They explain the medicine and its effects. Best part of it all? I am getting a tru delicacy. It is my favorite place to shop for fresh produce.

AK47 is the best way to start. The complete 50/50 hybrid will give you a mini sampling. This way, your body will tell you what it is needing. Vip lifestyle, I always feel comfortable in Vip.

1850 S Federal Blvd
Denver, CO

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Rhino Seeds

fast Delivery in the UK – good customer services and they sort out any problems which is rare these days

po box 456
weston super mare,
United KingdomBS22 9wx
0845 10 80 972

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Michael Stepanian

San Francisco Lawyer specializing in Marijuana related cases.

819 Eddy St.
San Francisco, California

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Jacek W. Lentz

West Hollywood lawyer specializing in marijuana related cases.

Suite 720 9000 W. Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood, California

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Bob Boyd

Ukiah lawyer specializing in marijuana related cases.

107 West Perkins Street
Ukiah, California

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