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Dutch Smoking Ban – Pure Cannabis Joints OK!!!

By: skip

This is GREAT NEWS for cannabis users in Holland (and tourists of course!). Now maybe the Dutch will STOP mixing their marijuana with tobacco in their joints! It’s very unhealthy and addictive to smoke tobacco!

By Bruno Waterfield in Brussels

Cannabis will be exempt from a Dutch smoking ban that comes into force in two months.

Restrictions on smokers in cafes and restaurants will not apply as long as cannabis is consumed neat, without tobacco. The exemption follows fears that many of Amsterdam’s lucrative "coffee shops" would be forced to close if soft drug users had to smoke elsewhere.

Liberal Dutch policies, introduced in 1972, on the sale and use of cannabis have generated a trade valued at more than £3 billion a year.

The coffee shops, which draw millions of tourists each year, allow users to buy cannabis over the counter and smoke it without fear of arrest.

Source: Telegraph

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