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What is Real Medicine?

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By BushyOldGrower
Author of “Bonanza of Green

In my previous article for Treating Yourself, “Sacrament or Medicine?” the case was made that Cannabis is reasonable to consider as real medicine or sacrament. Let’s consider a few aspects of the medical use and its place in medicine.

First of all you must ask yourself “What is Real Medicine?” In reality there are many forms of medicine practiced in the past and present. To many people the term “Western Medicine” has come to mean the only form of medicine. There are many forms of medicine within “western medicine” because it evolved from older methods.

“Alternative Medicine” has become the term for many older forms of medicine as well as new ideas in medical evolution. Most people realistically assume that “Modern Medicine” is a product of scientific progress and much has been learned. However, the new knowledge didn’t invalidate much of the old knowledge but instead added to it.

My background in emergency medicine and 16 years of in-hospital experience taught me the value of modern science. This medical experience included treatment of psychiatric disorders. Believe me when I tell you that working with the sick, dying and the mentally ill, it teaches you compassion.

People suffer in many ways and they have always tried to find ways to ease their suffering and cure their ills. Hospital work is rewarding but sad to see at times. The best medicine would be a combination of many forms of therapies. Drugs are valuable but often too much emphasis in “Western or Modern Medicine” is on drugs and certain approved therapies. Things could be better.

In Alternative Medicine the idea of Medical Marijuana is often scoffed at due to fear or ignorance. My experience included training at a Naturopathic College run by some very good and spiritual people. Their view about Cannabis were driven by their desire to be legitimate medicine themselves. Alternative Medical Practitioners often fear prosecution for practicing medicine without a license. Some still believe Cannabis to be an addictive drug despite the science to the contrary. No one dies from Cannabis usage.

My goal has always been to help people. The best way I can do that is by my own example and in helping good people see that they are all on the same side. Most medical people, of whatever sort, want to help. What I found in a time of crisis for a patient to be helpful was often as little as a gentle hand on their shoulder and a word of reassurance. That they could feel safe that we had things under control.

Being “Human” means loving each other and what makes a suffering person feel better is good medicine. Cannabis has several medical properties including pain control. Cannabis also stimulates appetite, decreases nausea and helps us sleep and relax. THC receptors in our brains get THC from many foods but Cannabis is very high in THC. Other chemicals are also formed when Cannabis is ingested. Here are some suggestions for relief of pain without narcotics. There is nothing wrong with opiates really but consider them for later when you really need them. Opiates constipate you and drag you down.

Moderate pain and even fairly severe pain can be treated with Ibuprofen 1800-2400 mg per day, and then when combined with Cannabis can be potentiated to take the pain away. To do this you will need to maintain a considerably higher THC level than normal. However, even small amounts of THC can create a state of mind in which the pain is forgotten for a time.

When pain is severe and a higher level of THC is desired a good addition to smoking or vaping is the eating of Cannabis edibles. They can be purchased from most Cannabis clubs and you can easily make your own edibles. Edibles can be as simple as a cookie and as complex as a truffle. The reason for the edible is that a more potent form of THC is released when Cannabis is taken by mouth. Edibles are great in the evening to relax and help you sleep well.

Medical Doctors have been prescribing non-narcotic pain relievers like Celebrex and still are despite the proof that these types of medicines actually cause heart attacks! How safe are new medicines when compared to the old herb Cannabis? The usages once prescribed for Cannabis have proven true and the safety of Cannabis is now clear.

All herbal medicines, homeopathic medicine, body works, hands on healing methods, etc. are safe and often effective. We must unite all of medicine in the “One Love” we share. My teachings on how to grow Cannabis have been known to the online world in the past and I want to teach you to grow your own medical marijuana if you decide to.

My book, “Bonanza of Green” is my simple “BOG” method of indoor organic growing. The book is available at or in E-book form right on the MJ Guide. I made the book simple to understand with lots of pictures. See you next time with more on the Sacramental and spiritual side of Cannabis.
One Love, BOG 

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