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Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps

Dr. Bronner may have passed on back in 1997, but his famous products live on! A few years ago, his family decided to switch over to Hemp oil for most Dr. Bronner’s products. Since then, the quality of their soaps has improved markedly!

A good example is the Almond Castile soap. This all-in-one product has dozens of uses including shaving, shampoo, wool and silk washing, car washing and it’s even safe for babies!

I’ve been using the Almond soap on and off for 30 years. The mild almond smell and smooth feel of hemp oil on the skin, make this product a winner!

For most uses you must dilute the soap (it lasts a long time).
Many people use it to clean their dreadlocks. You can find Dr. Bronner’s products in most health food stores.

As far as I know, Dr. Bronner’s is the first popular line of products that has switched over to hemp oil. This is just one example of how the cannabis plant can improve our lives.

Dr. Bronner’s unusual packaging contains a lot of tiny text on every label that exhorts its users to unite under All-One-God and follow his moral ABCs which he spells out on the label.

Box 28
Escondido, CA
760 743-2211

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Peace in Medicine Healing Center

This dispensary specializes in locally-grown, organic medicine.

6771 Sebastopol Ave
Sebastopol, CA
707 823-4206

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Peace Pipe

This headshop sells grinders, papers, pipes, books, vaporizers, hookahs, etc.

622 Santa Rosa Ave.
Santa Rosa, CA

707 541-7016

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Aerogarden Free TrialThe AeroGarden is a wonderful device that automates your growing and results in an ongoing supply of produce. The AeroGarden comes with everything you need to start a small herb garden including seeds and fertilizer.

The small version of the AeroGarden® has the footprint of a
breadbox and is sized to fit conveniently under most cabinets. The
AeroGarden® measures 16" long by 10 1/2" wide by 15 1/2" high when it
is first set up with the lights at the lowest possible setting, and 21"
high at the highest level. So keep that in mind. There is a larger version of this that has more wattage and a higher light level.

The front panel has lights that indicate when it’s time to add water and fertilizer. It’s fool proof!

This is a great introduction to aeroponics for the beginner to learn how it works.

See an actual Aerogarden Marijuana grow!


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MJ’s Place

Small Dispensary in Upper Lake with excellent selection of medical marijuana and very good prices!

9449 Main St.
Upper Lake, CA
707 275-0420

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Jolly Joker

I’ve been to Amsterdam twice in the last 3 years. Tried many coffeeshops around the city. This my favorite coffeeshop by far. Not because of the quality weed, but because of the nice people working there. The weed was good also, but not the absolute best in the city. It has a laid-back atmosphere with good music and great hot chocolate. Free use of the bongs, which they will clean right before you use it. Backgammon and chess games available. More of an upscale interior with nice woodwork and brass finishes. Located at the edge of the Red light district near the Nuiewmarket, I think. Guido Rocks!


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The Sensi is one of my favourite meeting points in Amsterdam with nice drinks, a chill space inside, and tables and chairs on the sidewalk outside in summertime.

Owned by Ben Dronker and the Sensi Seed Bank, they also run the Hash Hemp Marijuana Museum just steps away down the canal.

While they don’t actually sell grass or hash, you’re welcome to buy a drink (teas, coffee, soda, beer) and have a smoke of your own stuff while enjoying your stay. Good music, most of the time (it’s up to the staff). You can also find great cannabis books, the legendary Sensi seeds and various pipes here.

Good place to meet your friends for those long conversations. All sorts of famous folks like the Cannabis Poet love to frequent this groovy place. You never know who’ll show up.

Right on one of the most INTERESTING corners in the Dam, on the Oude Hoog Straat, just two blocks from the Dam Square in the heart of the Red Light District. On the corner of the Oudezijdes Achterburgwal. You can’t miss it. Look for the Cannabis plants in the window.


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Hill Street Blues

Hill Street Blues opened a new coffeeshop on the Nieuwmarkt recently and I’ve checked it a number of times already. Besides having a great location to watch the endless parade of Amsterdammers, tourists and other Red Light District lifeforms sliding by, this coffeeshop has another big draw: wonderful blender drinks!

Since they don’t have a liquor license, they’ve compenstated with delicious fruit smoothies made with yogurt and your choice of fresh fruit. You can also choose a milkshake with ice cream and fruit or chocolate. The shakes are 3 Euros, the smoothies are 3.50 and extra fruit another 50 cents.

And since it’s a coffeeshop, you can also indulge in your other passion, cannabis, there. Believe me, nothing quenches the munchies or a hot throat from smoking better than shakes and smoothies. You can also try their various cannabis treats including space cake and space drinks for a far out time.

Obviously the best place to people watch is outside on the terrace, but inside the Hill Street is nice too with surprisingly good, firm bean bag stools, and cushioned benches. The staff is friendly and attentive, delivering drinks to you outside. It sure is nice to have table service!

The last time I was there, the music selection was superb, with many people commenting favorably about it. It was a kind of jazzy lounge music, hip, in-the-groove, and not loud. Just perfect to segue into and out of conversations.

I haven’t tried their dope yet, so I can’t report on that, but you can make your own comments below.


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The Grey Area

Small shop on a small street near the Spui. Good smoke.

Oude Leliestraat 2

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The Rookies

I had a chance to pop in here during the Cannabis Cup. Usually when I spot a pool table in a coffeeshop, I turn around and head elsewhere, but at The Rookies, it’s more of an after thought, rather than the primary focus of activity.

I think The Rookies works because it’s got a more open feel than most narrow, cramped coffeeshops. You can sit most anywhere in the room and observe everything going on. I chose to sit by the pool table, which turned out to be unwise as I was getting a lot of ass in my face when they weren’t taking aim at it with the backend of a pool cue. Fortunately this was noticed by one of the staff who rushed over and moved around a few tables to create more room for those shooting pool.

I enjoyed the tunes playing on their superior sound system. A little Van Morrison and other upbeat music give the place a lot of character, and set the happy tone here. While it’s not exactly my cup of tea, lots of young people like this cheery place.

Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 145-147

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