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Sacrament or Medicine?

By: skip

By BushyOldGrower
Author of “Bonanza of Green

This question may indeed be answered “Yes” in both cases when Cannabis is considered. Some people scoff at the idea of smoking weed being religious and I can understand that initial response. However when looked at more closely the sacramental nature of cannabis becomes obvious to me. Consider the fact that in Christianity, which encompasses many denominations, wine is a sacrament used in many churches. Is it any more ridiculous to use cannabis as a sacrament than it is to use booze?

Actually the world now realizes that cannabis is indeed medicine. In fact as a trained Naturopathic Therapist I can attest to the fact that cannabis is probably the finest of herbal medicines available. The range of uses are so wide that many pharmaceuticals would be replaced if Cannabis were freely available at reasonable costs. The use of cannabis even when smoked has been shown to be healthy in fact. Most people are convinced by now that cannabis is real medicine especially since we discovered the THC receptors in the brain.

This powerful effect has major implications for many types of therapies and cannabis can be a very effective anti-depressant. These THC receptors seem to allow us to relax and enjoy eating. This de-stress herb can be the key to healing our souls as well as our bodies. In alternative medicine the mind, body and spirit are a triad making us whole. When considering the spiritual nature of a substance we look at the effects of ingestion by whatever form.

Luckily the Christians don’t get drunk when they go to church. 🙂 Most probably Rastafarians have a serious spiritual side as well. If you look at it with an open mind Cannabis as a sacrament seems sensible. The effects of the aromatherapy Cannabis gives are relaxation, peace and love. My good friend Soma says that “Cannabis makes people kinder” and he considers it his daily Sacrament. I quite agree with this and most of what Master Soma says because he is truly a great soul. Like myself he is possessed with the spirit of Cannabis. That may sound like a bad thing to some but would you rather use alcohol daily as your ritual or sacrament. Would that be more spiritual?

In fact there is much basis for Cannabis being a sacrament in history and even Christianity believe it or not. Many now believe that the recipe for the Holy Anointing Oil, used by the Hebrews and Jesus to heal, actually contained large amounts of cannabis. This oil is currently being made and it does have remarkable healing properties that could have helped a blind person see after having it applied by Jesus. The ingredients for this Holy Anointing Oil come from the Torah which predates the Old Testament of the Bible in Judeo-Christianity.

In many states and other countries as well as Canada there is legal medical marijuana and the trend seems to be going well in
that regard but Cannabis while allowed for some religious use has not been legally made a sacrament in the USA as yet. We are working on it however. The implications of this are huge in the legal realm because this could, in one court case, virtually end Cannabis Prohibition in the USA. Although some don’t want it legalized, for many reasons that I do understand, there may be no choice. Time marches on and the good aspects of Cannabis and Hemp seem endless. Now on to the spiritual aspect.

Have you ever been to an event where everyone was smoking and sharing a lot of pot openly and freely? Did you notice something about how you felt and about how others seemed also to feel around you? Do you think a plant could have a spirit? Booze has a spirit as well and when everyone gets a little high on it the fun starts, but when the folks get drunk people often fight. Cannabis tends to make the initial fun as well and there is no problem when people have had enough. They don’t fight or crash their cars. They don’t get rowdy and start cussing at each other. They have a great time and they go to sleep peacefully.

Religious or Medical, freedom is just that. The right to say and think what you believe and the right to choose what you ingest. Whether it be for medicinal or religious purpose is up to the individual. Alternative Medicine as a whole often stays away from the Medical Marijuana issue because they have enough trouble with their own legitimacy when faced with a myriad of laws forbidding them from practicing medicine without a license. Herbal medicines are required to state that they haven’t been proven to be effective by the FDA in America so they are in almost the same boat as us Cannabis users.

What people need to realize is that freedom is what is at stake here. Everyone has certain rights given by “The Higher Law”. Most legal authorities say that man’s laws reflect the Higher Law but often they don’t. Since men made the laws that we can change all we need to do is just that. My belief is that the courts will soon be forced to place Cannabis in the same place as Ayahuska as a legal sacrament. The people I recently visited in California have a city where Medical Marijuana is legal for medical users. The funny thing about this California city however is that it’s name is Sacramento!

Personally, I am for the legalization of Cannabis for whatever purpose. I would like to see it remain a small time business and home grown industry if possible. We wouldn’t want our medicine to lose it’s spiritual nature in some big commercial production line. Part of the process is the love people put into their Cannabis and the intention Medical Providers have to provide real medicine that will help people. My wish is that someday the simple truths will come to be evident to all.

In conclusion my argument that Cannabis is a Sacrament seems every bit as real as it’s medicinal value. Have you ever heard it called, “The Peace Weed”?

Peace to you, all my Brothers and Sisters, may the ONE LOVE be felt in you all right now! 🙂 BOG

This story previously appeared in Treating Yourself Magazine.

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