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Sacramental Cannabis


By BushyOldGrower
Author of Bonanza of Green

There is little doubt that cannabis is effective medicine and it is totally safe. Recently my Medical Doctor stated, “Whatever works” regarding Alternative Medicine. She knows that what works for the patient is the main criteria for good medicine as well as safety.

The term, “Sacramental Cannabis” like “Medical Cannabis”, makes some in the anti-pot world shudder. The difficult thing to understand, about opposition to medical use, is the fact that Doctors prescribe many very dangerous and poisonous drugs even for small ailments. Why should anyone object to a patient taking the advice of his or her physician?

In regard to Spiritual usage of Cannabis, I believe that the objections to this one are as illogical as ever. In reality Sacraments are rituals used for religious purposes. These rituals allow a practitioner to raise their spiritual energy. Visualization, meditations, incense burning and prayer are all helpful to the daily maintenance of the spiritual aspect of our lives.

Truthfully I swear that I am a medical and sacramental user of Cannabis, as is my friend, Soma. Master Soma has been a good example of many things. Soma says, “Cannabis is my daily Sacrament”. Like myself, Soma is also a medical user, an author of many cannabis articles and has written a book as well. Soma faced open-heart surgery recently and coincidentally so did I a while back. When in the hospital in Amsterdam, Master Soma insisted he needed his medical marijuana to live and he was allowed to use cannabis in his room. He recovered.

(Taking a Sacramental usage break) 🙂

Whew! 🙂 Now, where was I?

The reason cannabis makes such a great sacrament is the effect it has on a person or a group. People often notice details when “high” and the appreciation of beauty becomes easier. Seeing the beauty in nature is a beginning on the road to enlightenment.

Cannabis use also has the ritual people seem to need in order to achieve peace and oneness. Soma says, “Cannabis makes people kinder” and he’s right. Did you know that Hitler and the Nazi’s hated cannabis because they believed it made men weaker? They wanted insensitive soldiers who drank alcohol because booze goes with violence. Pot is for Peace.

In order to bring peace to Earth the Buddha came. This is the only reason anyone ever tried to help us. Someone “up there” saw the world of delusion and violence we live in and this someone had pity on us. This “higher person” that you may prefer to call by a different name is “The Prince of Peace”.

Jesus was a great Buddha and all the great masters who wished for peace seem to have the same message. Love everyone like your brothers and sisters. As Bill and Ted said, “Be Excellent to Each Other”.

Cannabis brings me inner peace and allows me to open my heart to others. “Getting High” in the morning does get me higher in my level of spiritual consciousness. I am high right now! Of course I wasn’t raised a stoner but was forced as a child to endure the hypocrisy of the Catholics. Catholic School was a nightmare to me but I never quite rejected the notion of God despite their efforts. To this day the Catholics oppose birth control in a horribly over-populated world. Do catholic rituals like sacramental incense, wine or unleavened bread do much? They own much property and they are guilty of many crimes and I can testify to the fact that the Catholics did harm to me. So if that is legitimate religion it isn’t for me.

False religions teach a delusion of good and evil, a devil and a God Father. It all sounds like children’s stories except for the message Jesus gave us in his “Sermon on the Mount”. This sermon was the Sutra of Buddha Jesus, his sermon on the rule of love and peace.

I believe there is one deep truth like the deepest part of the Sea. There are many paths to this one truth and these paths are like rivers that all lead to the Sea. All religions eventually will end up at the same truth. We will eventually bring peace to our planet but first we must bring peace to ourselves.

(Smoke some pot now…)

Can you feel the peace? Say aloud, “Nam Myoho Renge Kyo”. Take a deep breath and close your eyes, feel the love as you see the light. The Kingdom of God is within you and your body is a temple of great beauty. Realize your beauty and your place in the universe as one of those most honored. You are the highest sentient being on this planet. So what is your duty? We tend the garden. Planet Earth is the garden we are responsible for. All life forms are under our dominion. What will we do with our lovely Mother Earth?

It is my hope that everyone will continue to seek enlightenment. Whatever path you choose is up to you of course. I would never wish to restrict anyone’s religious freedom, would you?

You may wonder if I am a Christian or a Buddhist. Actually I love them all. This is the “One Love” concept. One Love because all humans are one. This collective consciousness we share is evolving, as have our religious ideas. Bring Peace and Love into yourself so you can project the same to the world.

See the Beauty in yourselves my brother and sisters. I see it in you.

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo (from the Lotus Sutra)

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