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BCMP Vapor Lounge/New Amsterdam Cafe Van

The following are 2 shops which are side by side in downtown Vancouver, the vapor lounge is also the headquarters of the BC Marijuana Party and it’s leader Marc Emery, the pics included are all of the Vapor lounge.
The Vapor lounge itself is in the back sectioned off area of the BCMP building, it’s a very nice little chill area where when you enter, you pay a 5$ fee to get a bag and stereilized mouth peice to use on your own personal Volcano Vaporizer, there are about 6 different tables/couch setups with a vaporizer at each.The vibe is very chill in the vapor lounge, the people who work there are obviously all stoners themselves and just encourage a very relaxed vibe and confortable setting, each table has room for 4-6 people comfortably, and within both the vapor lounge and the New Amsterdam Cafe, u can smoke the provided vaporizer, or bring in your own weed to roll joints, use a pipe that u purchased from them [of the thousands of pipes and bongs they have in stock] or just bring in your own to use.

In the Vapor Lounge you have to pay the 5$ donation wether u want to use the vaporizer or not so just conform and pay, they are providing this area for you to chill in so you might as well support them. Next door in the new amsterdam cafe is a little bit different, although there is no “cover charge” like in the vapor lounge, it is still clearly posted that there is a 3$ minimum per person, so just to make sure things are chill and you arent just freeloading, i suggest you go in and at least buy a drink per person your with, they also serve food and hot drinks.

By the way, DO NOT I repeat DO NOT go there looking to score some weed, or at least do not go there with that intent, both places do not sell drugs, as it’s a “BYOP” – bring your own pot system. If your feeling gutsy and desperate you might ask one of the fellow customers if u can buy some off them because you just “ran out” or somthing similar, but do not circle the rooms asking, and do not ask the employee’s, it wont be a very chill vibe if you do.

300 W. Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC

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