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Marijuana Buds Less by SeeMoreBuds

Are you considering a "first indoor grow?" , What is the minimum equipment needed? Looking for an easy step by step first grow guide?

Well, SeeMoreBuds has assembled a nice compact guide.

* Full color
* Step by step
* Day by Day
* Glossary of Terms
* Fun Facts scattered throughout the margins

From germination to harvest this book is a guide which will show a basic soil grow using compact florescent lights. The first chapter lists what you need to get started (soil, pot size, lights) and will explain the importance of pH adjustment and monitoring. He uses common everyday equipment that can be found at any hardware store (you may even have most of the equipment already and not know it!).

After you have assembled the basic materials, the following chapters will have you follow a day by day grow of Mango (from seed) and Blue Dot (from clones). All done in Miracle Grow soil! Yes that is correct, MG soil.

You will learn how to tell the sex of the plant, what the different stages of growth should resemble and when to change the light cycle for flowering.

For a beginner it can be intimidating to start and for many a failed first attempt is the last. Use this great guide to getting your feet green 🙂


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