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Redway Herbal Options

Medical marijuana dispensary in Garberville, CA.

Garberville, CA

707 923 9147

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The Black

The Black is a long standing tradition in Ocean Beach, California. This great headshop has an outstanding collection of items beyond the usual headshop paraphernalia. There’s a good selection of clothing, jewelry, posters and an excellent bookstore.

Don’t miss this place if you visit O.B.

5017 Newport Ave
Ocean Beach, CA
(619) 222-5498

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Marvin’s gardens

Medical marijuana dispensary in Guerneville, CA.

Guerneville, CA

707 869 1291

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Electric Ladyland

A great headshop in the wonderful Bardstown Road district. They have a great selection of vynil records from the 60’s and 70’s. They also have a great selection of cd’s. One feature that i love to check out every time I happen passing through; is their "blacklight cave" which is a specially constructed area to showcase their selection of blacklight posters. Electric Ladyland has a very nice assortment of pipes,bongs,bubblers and various other "accessories." EL carries Salvia Divinorum in varying potencies. They have a decent selection of clothing. T shirts and indian clothes.

 Electric Ladyland is your best bet for smoking accessories in the Louisville area. It is a great shop that I try to stop by when I am in the area to look at their new pieces and whatever new records I can dig up.

2325 Bardstown Road
Louisville, Kentucky
(502) 458-4259

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Caregiver Compassion Center

Medical marijuana dispensary in Santa Rosa, CA.

Santa Rosa, CA

707 537 7303

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Dutch Passion

Dutch Passion’s Global Seed Shop is where to find
quality Cannabis seeds on the Utrechtstraat, and on the Internet.Seeds
of Passion has been developing, producing and marketing premium
Cannabis seeds since 1987. Their modern shop offers top varieties from
the leading Cannabis seed companies of the Netherlands, Switzerland,
Canada and South Africa.

in 1998, Dutch Passion made a major breakthrough in Cannabis Seed
Technology and began offering “feminized” Cannabis seeds to the buying
public. Under the proper growing conditions these seeds become only
female plants when grown.Seeds of Passion is devoted to the
continual upgrading of seed stocks and is concerned with offering
consistent quality in seeds, which results in germination rates of over
95%.You may order products from their website, by mail from the
catalog, over the phone or by fax. Visit their website at to view their catalogue and for more information
about different seeds.

#26 Utrechtstraat

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North Bay Collective

Medical marijuana dispensary in Santa Rosa, CA.

Santa Rosa, CA

707 569 1420

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