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Gardening Indoors
“Gardening Indoors” is filled with color! From the brilliant greenhouse on the cover through every one of the 384 pages, it’s in color. And that makes a difference, as far as my eyes can tell.

Now I can see what other garden books only talk about. Looking at a black and white drawing of a bug is not as helpful to me as seeing a full-page full-color image of a nasty pest! “Gardening Indoors” also advised me what to do to get rid of it, or prevent it in the first place.

Every chapter is color coded so that you easily find stuff. If you want to know how professionals setup their lights, go to that yellow chapter. Soil and container information is in the brown chapter. And so forth. The table of contents also matches, with the same color-coding.

Using “Gardening Indoors” as my resource guide, I am now growing all the fresh greens we eat every day, and giving away bunches to my friends. If I had more space I could grow enough to sell it, and subsidize the cost of electricity. (The added cost to my electric bill is way less than I would spend on fresh produce at Safeway.) The information alone in this book about electric usage, and how to setup lighting and ventilation systems is worth its weight in gold.

“Gardening Indoors” covers it all, from setting up a growroom, greenhouse or simply a space in your house; to starting seeds; through growing the plants healthily; and to finally harvesting your crop.

If you are interested in hydroponics, aeroponics, aquaponics or other new technologies, this is the book! “Gardening Indoors” covers everything you need to know about growing in soil, and has extensive information about each of the modern methods people are using for high-production yields, including the new bioponics! I was amazed how up-to-the-future this book is in comparison to the garden books I see at the local hardware store.


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