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Vip Wellness Center

Vip Wellness Center

Wondering if you will ever remember all of those strains? From the wonderful aroma of cat piss, to the powerful masters of jah kush. Marijuana has taken a light rail to stardom with all of its decisions and "creative" highs.

Vip Wellness Center helped me feel more knowledgeable and confident by giving me a great atmosphere to choose and ponder, and a precise staff who knows their medicine. They explain the medicine and its effects. Best part of it all? I am getting a tru delicacy. It is my favorite place to shop for fresh produce.

AK47 is the best way to start. The complete 50/50 hybrid will give you a mini sampling. This way, your body will tell you what it is needing. Vip lifestyle, I always feel comfortable in Vip.

1850 S Federal Blvd
Denver, CO

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